Find more of your best customers

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What do my best customers look like?

Geoptimise is aimed at small to medium-sized companies that want to expand their business-to-consumer (B2C) customer base. It is a web-based tool to help you rapidly gain an understanding of the profile of your best customers.


How do I find more of them?

Geoptimise can help you move away from a 'blanket-style' marketing approach to an improved strategy of market segmentation, helping you to spend more of your time targeting the customers that spend more with you.


How will Geoptimise help?

It will help you improve your existing digital marketing strategy. It will help you minimise wastage from blanket advertising campaigns. It will help you achieve a better ROI from Google Ads and Facebook marketing.

Understand the demographics of your customer base

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How does it work?

The UK is made up of 'pockets' of similar household types according to data derived from the UK census. Similar household types are made up of similar types of customer demographic (age group, income bracket, typical lifestyle etc.) Geoptimise allows you to view your customer base against the backdrop of these demographic 'pockets'; making it possible to build a profile of what your best (and worst) customers look like, and most importantly, where they are located. Once you know what your ideal customer 'pockets' look like, you can use Geoptimise to find more of the same in locations to suit your sales strategy.

Focus your marketing efforts on those that spend most with you

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